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Atterstone Cylinder Ship Whiskey Decanter Full Set – W/Glasses, Mahogany Stand, and Whiskey Si


This large whiskey decanter has a total capacity of 1150ml. This custom whiskey decanter also features a glass fitted stopper which ensures a tight seal over your stored spirit. Also included is a stainless steel funnel for easy refilling and a set of 9 whiskey stones for your convenience.

Included Items

  • 1 – 1150ml Cylinder Whiskey Decanter
  • 1 – Custom Mahogany Tinted Stand
  • 1 – Glass Stopper
  • 1 – Stainless Steel Whiskey Decanter Spout
  • 1 – Set of 9 Soap Stone Whiskey Chilling Stones
  • 1 – Stainless Steel Funnel
  • 2 – Weighted Whiskey Glasses

Special Request


This Cylinder Whiskey Decanter Set is guaranteed to turn heads! From the unique design and handblown detailed sail boat to the custom mahogany stand, every aspect of this Scotch Whiskey Decanter contributes to its pure beauty. The whiskey decanter fits snuggly into the elevated stand, which allows you to place a standard whiskey glass underneath the stainless steel whiskey decanter spout for easy pouring. The whiskey dispenser also features an adjustable rubber grommet  to ensure your dispenser fits tightly in your custom whiskey decanter. Enjoy the two included whiskey glasses that feature a weighted bottom to enhance the balanced feel in your hand.


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